School Parental Involvement Policy

Both the district-level and school-level policies are jointly developed by parents and staff, reviewed annually, and updated periodically.


The District Board Policy/Administrative Regulations guide our district to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Help parents develop skills to use at home that support students’ academic efforts and social development.
  2. Provide parents with techniques and strategies that parents may utilize to improve children’s academic success and to assist children learning at home.
  3. Build consistent and effective communication between the home and the school so parents may know when and how to assist children in learning at home.

SCHOOL (summary)

Each school site develops a School Parental Involvement Policy. This policy describes the means for carryout the following requirements for parental involvement:

  • Policy involvement
  • Shared responsibilities for high academic achievement
  • Building capacity for involvement
  • Accessibility

SCHOOL (full details)

For a complete copy of your school’s School Parental Involvement Policy, click on the link for the “Single Plan for Student Achievement.” Once you select your school, you will be able to download the entire plan, including the School Parental Involvement Policy. You may also request a copy through your school office.